Academic Programs

Department of Home Sciences

The Department of Home Sciences and Welfare combines interdisciplinary courses in Life Design and Social Work. It provides in-depth knowledge that enables students to understand people’s lives and social welfare issues, with a view to promoting greater quality of life (QOL). The major in Life Design prepares students with fundamental principles and practices in areas of daily living such as clothing, food science, housing, and the community environment. The major in Social Work prepares students for professions in community welfare, welfare for the disabled and aged, child welfare, health care services, and social work. Students also acquire basic knowledge of research methods and transferable social work skills in practical training at various institutions.

Fields and Units

Multidisciplinary Classes Effectively
Match Study Interests

In this course, students can customize a mix of classes to match their interests and qualification goals. Classes can be selected from a range of specialties, including life design, social work, and childcare work. The department divides the curriculum into fields of specialties, which are in turn subdivided into units (or courses). This enables a student to put together a group of classes that most effectively meets her interests and study needs. For example, she could focus on architectural design aimed at facilitating healthy child rearing, or she could aim for multiple certifications simultaneously—such as those for a social worker and a childcare worker.

Two Fields and a Training Course for Childcare Workers

Life Design

The major in Life Design focuses on quality of life and culture by emphasizing the relevance of basic, interdependent components, such as clothing, food, and housing. This area of study offers courses that enable students to understand cultural and material aspects of daily living by studying and producing new ideas in the fields of food science and diet, clothing and fashion design, architecture and interior design, and health science. It also provides courses related to the theme of home and family, including approaches to health, social, material, and psychological issues that influence daily life.

Social Work

The Social Work major combines the study of social welfare with both theoretical and practical study related to social work and social services. The emphasis throughout the program is on helping students to gain fundamental knowledge of social welfare and support services, to understand human behavior and social environments, and to learn specific knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the practice of social work. The program also includes extensive opportunities for students to receive practical training at social agencies or designated institutions for elderly or disabled people.

Childcare Worker Training Course

In this wide-ranging course, students learn about childcare, social services, food, clothing, and shelter. The aim of the course is to train childcare and nursery workers in the philosophy of social welfare and to promote knowledge of lifestyle support, while nurturing a high level of expertise that will enable students, including parents, to perform childcare support.

Learning about Life, Culture, and Social Welfare through Study Tours Abroad

Students can gain valuable experience and get to know different cultures through overseas study in France, a country boasting a rich culture, and in Denmark, a country with an advanced welfare system. By visiting farmers and dairy farms in France, students learn how the food supply situation in that country differs from that in Japan. They also study food production and distribution sites, along with eating patterns in France. In Denmark, students examine a country with an advanced social welfare system, while deepening their insights into social services by visiting welfare facilities and educational institutions.

Elective Certificate Programs

  • Child Care Certificate
  • Librarian Certificate
  • Recreation Instructor Certificate
  • Secondary School Teacher License in Home Science
  • Teacher Librarian Certificate
  • Upper Secondary School Teacher License in Home Science

Elective Qualification Programs

  • License to apply for Food Specialist Certificate
  • License to apply for Health Administrator—General Instructor Certificate
  • License to apply for the Second Class Architect Certificate
  • License to be appointed as Social Welfare Director
  • License to apply for Social Welfare Worker Certificate
  • License to apply for Social Worker in Mental Health Certificate
  • License to be registered as Interior Planner
  • Japanese Language Teacher Certificate