Academic Programs

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology explores human behavior through scientific methods of observation, surveys, experiments, and tests. There are three majors in the Department of Psychology: Contemporary Psychology, School Psychology, and Clinical Psychology. Beginning with introductory-level courses to help students acquire basic knowledge of psychology in each field, the program develops applied psychological skills and knowledge for students to meet the Certified Psychologist requirements of the Japanese Psychological Association.

Masors of study

Contemporary Psychology

This major brings a psychological perspective to the analysis of various issues in modern society, such as problems involving human relations and the attitudes of young people towards entering the workforce. While learning about the mechanisms behind behavior and thought, students foster an objective and logical mindset and acquire the methodological skills to put into practice what they have learned in the real world. Along with the practical expertise needed for data gathering and analysis, students develop effective presentation skills and capabilities in product and event planning.

School Psychology

School Psychology explores issues that children encounter in their school lives and supports the development of children who learn and gain experience through sports and other social activities. School Psychology provides students with opportunities to learn principles of educational psychology and to develop analytical skills related to school education. Such knowledge and skills can be applied in their future careers as school teachers.

Clinical Psychology

The major in Clinical Psychology offers a variety of courses that focus primarily on understanding the nature and causes of various psychological problems of individuals and families. Study includes in-depth exploration of theoretical approaches to psychological disorders and overviews of psychological testing and treatment. Students gain a deep understanding of psychology, along with basic knowledge of testing and treatment. This serves as a foundation for further study for those who wish to pursue careers as certified clinical psychologists or counselors.

Three Forms of Support for Learning and Career Advancement

Support Team Cocoro Offers
Advice on Campus Life

Faculty members in the Department of Psychology have formed teams to provide help and advice at any time to second- and third-year transfer students, as well as to individuals who need support in their student lives or in their studies.

Personalized Support towards
Acquiring Teacher’s Certificate

In situations outside of lectures, faculty members with a wealth of practical experience give advice and conduct mock interviews geared toward helping students acquire a teacher’s certificate. This support has helped many students from previous years achieve their dream of becoming a teacher.

Involvement in the Community
with a Volunteer Experience

For those wondering how they can make use of their studies in psychology, the university provides numerous opportunities for hands-on experiences in the community. These include volunteer activities such as exchange programs with local families and learning and play support for hospitalized children.

Fieldwork in Psychology and Education

The Department of Psychology emphasizes practical, experienced-based education. Through four fieldwork courses that explore the role of psychology in education, and through various study tours and training sessions, students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in society.

  • Students plan and run parent-child programs involving outdoor activities with local families.
  • Students conduct marketing research in collaboration with private enterprises.
  • Students take study tours of educational, medical, and welfare institutions.
  • Students take part in on-site training in three fields: law, medicine/welfare, and education.

Qualifications Open to Students in all Three Majors

  • Certified Psychologist (Japanese Psychological Association)
  • Librarian Certificate
  • License to be appointed as Social Welfare Director (Qualification)

Qualification Open to Students in the Contemporary Psychology Major

  • Certificate of Social Researcher

Qualifications Open to Students in the School Psychology Major

  • Teacher License in Elementary and Primary Education
  • Teacher Librarian Certificate