International Student

International Admissions

Applications for admission from overseas are welcome at Kyoto Notre Dame University. More than 40 full-time international students attend the university, with most of them coming from Asian countries. The cultural diversity they bring to campus life is an important feature of the university. Since most classes are conducted in Japanese, overseas applicants are required to have a high level of Japanese language proficiency. Overseas students who show strong academic ability and Japanese-language skills are encouraged to apply for admission. The application period is in September each year for April admissions.

International Transfer Program

The university also accepts full-time degree students in the international transfer program. Students who are successfully admitted will be placed in the third year at the beginning of the academic year in April.

Exchange Students from Affiliated Universities

The university extends a warm welcome to students of affiliated overseas universities who wish to study at Kyoto Notre Dame University as non-degree visiting international students for a whole academic year or for part of a year. Academic credits earned at Kyoto Notre Dame University are transferred to the home university.

Financial Aid, Scholarship, and Support Services

Matriculation Fee Exemption

To support international students with high academic ability but with demonstrated financial need, the university provides financial aid by waiving the Matriculation Fee.

Tuition Reduction

The university also offers a Tuition Reduction System for international students, in order to reduce their financial burden.


The university offers scholarships for international students on the combined basis of demonstrated academic potential and financial need.

Academic Advisers

A full-time faculty member is appointed to be an academic adviser to each international student, providing academic support and guidance.

International Student Services

The International Education Office helps international students with various immigration procedures in proxy. This includes assisting with applications for the Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence (before the student enters Japan). The International Education Office also provides a wide range of services to support international students, including information for applicants, pre-arrival services, and a post-arrival orientation.