Student Life

Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto is fragrant with history and culture. The Kitayama area is especially so, with lush trees and a tranquil townscape fanning out from the Kyoto Botanical Garden. The university is near Kitayama Street lined with stylish cafes and shops, and neighbors an array of cultural facilities, including Kyoto Concert Hall and the Garden of Fine Arts. This ideal setting in Kitayama invites students to meet new friends, learn together, share the experience of studies, club activities, and create a campus life all their own.

Dining Hall A glimpse of popular menu items

The Cafeteria at Eugenia hall serves dishes all women love, from meat- and fish-based entrees to simple noodles, to vegetable-laden side dishes and salads. With a menu full of delicious choices, it is a favorite spot for students to relax.

Student Support Student support services

The university provides all-out support to help make campus life fulfilling. Do not hesitate to discuss any problems, whether about studies, friends, or health.

Support 1:

Resolve academic concerns and questions

Office Hours

The university offers diverse fields of study through combinations of the major courses ofdepartments with research, training, and specialized programs. Because the combinations are manifold, the university pays meticulous attention to each student's goals and progress. Faculty members are available during office hours to give one-on-one advice about academic concerns and questions.

Support 2:

Discuss problems on and off campus

Student Counseling Room

The Student Counseling Room is a convenient place to go for assistance on human relations; concerns about one's character or future; or worries about career paths or campus life. Qualified clinical psychologists and counselors are available to discuss problems while protecting students’ privacy.

Support 3:

Treat unexpected injury and illness

Campus Health Room

The Campus Health Room is the first stop for physical treatment of an unexpected injury or illness, or for poor health from anxiety, frustration, or lack of sleep or appetite. Services also include health checkups and counseling by a general physician, psychiatrist, gynecologist (1–2 days monthly), and two full-time nurses. As needed, the Campus Health Room coordinates with the Student Counseling Room to offer both mental and physical health support.

Various activities for student participation

Campus Ministry
The Campus Ministry organizes various club activities to learn about the Christian faith from different perspectives. The Sisters Lounge is open during lunchtime on weekdays, and serves as a place for students to socialize and exchange information.

Volunteer Activities
The university takes part in many volunteer activities, including blood donation drives, events for children, and public safety campaigns.

Music Lessons
The university is equipped to offer private music lessons (for a fee) on campus to interested students with free time between classes. At the moment, lessons are available in piano, singing, flute, harp, and violin.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar starts at the beginning of April and ends in March. The university offers two semesters of 15 weeks each. Spring semester extends from April until early August. Fall semester begins at the end of September and continues until early February.

Entrance Ceremony Takes place in Unison Hall.

Freshmen Orientation Newcomers will learn all they need to know to get started with life on campus.

Open Campus Visitors can get a firsthand look at extracurricular activities and drop in on professors’ research facilities.

Freshmen Seminar This one-day event brings first-year students together with their upperclassmen, their instructors, and of course each other.

University Festival This annual event is a lively affair that brings together about 5,000 participants.

Christmas Candle Service On campus, this is the most sacred and dreamlike event of the whole year.

Graduation Ceremony At a ceremony marking the culmination of four years of student life, students wear Notre Dame graduation gowns and caps.