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Campus Buildings and Facilities

A learning environment that fosters rich sensibilities

From educational facilities equipped with the latest technology to support diverse curricula, to recreational spaces that offer comfortable study and relaxation time, the campus environment stimulates intellectual curiosity and fosters rich sensibilities.

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Eugenia Hall

Offering a space for relaxation and study

Eugenia Hall, the university’s main building, was reconstructed in February 2014. It houses a chapel, a lounge, a dining hall, a bookstore, a library, an immersion space, computer laboratories, and a number of classrooms and lecture halls. Eugenia Hall is named after our first President, Sister Eugenia Laker, SSND.

  • Library
    The Library houses over 200,000 volumes on a diverse range of subjects. To enhance the educational and research environment, the Library and media facilities were set to relocate Eugenia Hall in 2014.


A glimpse of popular menu items

The Cafeteria at Eugenia hall serves dishes all women love, from meat- and fish-based entrees to simple noodles, to vegetable-laden side dishes and salads. With a menu full of delicious choices, it is a favorite spot for students to relax.

Caroline Hall

A new, useful multi-purpose education facility

Caroline Hall was built as part of the 50th anniversary Kitayama Campus remodeling . The multi-purpose education facility accommodates Marian House (the alumni hall), Caroline Dormitory , the Assembly Hall, and the Campus Ministry.

Unison Hall

A complex of facilities to enhance campus life

Unison Hall supports a diverse campus life, housing the gymnasium, the arena that serves as an auditorium, club activity space, the Student Union , a music studio, conference rooms, and research rooms.

Theresa Hall

Equipped with state-of-the-art practical training rooms
  • Theresa Hall is named after the School Sisters of Notre Dame founder, Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger. It accommodates classrooms for practical training organized by departments.

Sophia Hall

Offices and student service
  • Sophia in Greek means knowledge, or wisdom. Sophia hall houses professor's offices, student services and class rooms.

Maria Hall and Tea Room

Maria Hall for finding educational inspiration
  • Maria Hall is named after the Blessed Virgin Mary. Built in 2001, the university's 40th anniversary, it houses a multi-purpose hall, seminar rooms, and the Psychological Services Center.
  • Psychological Services Center
    The Psychological Services Center, based in a university open to all, offers counseling services on truancy and child development, and other programs for the community.
  • Our Tea House is a fine example of Japanese aesthetics used regularly by our thriving student tea ceremony society.
    The Tea Room, situated in a beautiful Japanese garden, is the ideal setting for club activities and lectures on Japanese culture for international students.
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