Academic Programs

Graduate School

Clinical Psychology (M.A.)

The Master of Arts program in Clinical Psychology prepares students for research on psychological problems related to personal relations at home, school, or work, as well as anxiety or stress disorders related to domestic violence, truancy, and other social problems. Students also learn professional techniques of counseling and psychotherapy. On the foundation of a systematic study of Clinical Psychology, students engage in experiential learning that includes basic counseling techniques, role-play exercises, assessment, and opportunities for students to deepen their self-awareness and understanding through self-analysis. Training also includes practical experience at the Psychological Services Center on campus. Our graduate program in Clinical Psychology has been accredited by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists.

Psychology (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program in Psychology relies on experimental methods and also on active participation in educational clinical settings.

Psychology Research Areas

The doctoral program in Psychology includes the following five areas of study:

Cognitive Processes

Cognitive Psychology focuses on how the mind processes information. Students investigate topics such as perception, attention, memory, language, categorization, spatial cognition, decision-making, and reasoning, including processes and disorders.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology investigates how the human mind develops throughout the lifespan. It focuses on the study of cognitive development, social development, and language acquisition in young children.

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology focuses on the application of psychological principles and theories of learning and teaching. It also addresses the psychological and developmental mechanisms of how students’ autonomous academic motivation can be increased and maintained, as well as what influences them in educational systems on the basis of psychological research.

Personality Psychology

Personality psychology investigates individual thinking styles, feelings, and differences appearing in behavior and attitude. It focuses on the study of the structure of personality, its measurement, and self-recognition through diverse approaches.

Clinical Psychology (Assessment,Psychotherapy,Counseling)

Clinical Psychology focuses of the empirical research of psychological intervention. It addresses the study of therapeutic assessment, validation research with interventional effects, family therapy, grief care, cancer palliative care, and mental care, and for adults and senior citizens.