Academic Programs

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology explores human behavior through scientific methods of observation, surveys, experiments, and tests. There are two major courses in the Department of Psychology: Psychological Counseling Course, and Social and Business Psychology Course. Beginning with introductory-level courses to help students acquire basic knowledge of psychology in each field, finally, it is possible for students to obtain qualifications as a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Psychologist, and/or Social Researcher.

Two Major Courses of Study

Psychological Counseling Course

Psychological Counseling Course offers a variety of programs that focus primarily on understanding the basics of clinical psychology as well as the nature and causes of various psychological problems of individuals and families. Study includes in-depth exploration of theoretical approaches to psychological disorders and overviews of psychological assessment and treatment. Students gain a deep understanding of psychology, along with basic knowledge of assessment and treatment. This serves as a foundation for further study for those who wish to pursue careers as certified clinical psychologists or counselors. Students can also pursue the license to apply for Licenced Psychologist.

Social and Business Psychology Course

Social and Business Psychology Course brings a psychological perspective to the analysis of various issues in modern society, such as problems involving human relations and the attitudes of young people toward entering the workforce. While learning about the mechanisms behind behavior and thought, students foster an objective and logical mindset and acquire the methodological skills to put into practice what they have learned in the real world. Along with the practical expertise needed for data gathering and analysis, students develop effective presentation skills and capabilities in product and event planning. Students can also pursue the qualifications such as Certified Psychologist (Psychological Resercher) and the Certificate of Social Researcher.

Support for Learning and Career Advancement

Involvement in the Community with a Volunteer Experience

For those wondering how they can make use of their studies in psychology, the university provides numerous opportunities for hands-on experiences in the community. Those include volunteer activities with local families and children to play in the nature.

Fieldwork Program in Collaboration with Local Companies

This program gives opportunities to students not only to investigate and analyze data with local companies but also to acquire competence in solving problems needed as members of society through presenting their findings or survey results with members of the local companies.

A Diverse Range of Hands-on Programs

Fieldwork in Psychological Counseling

Students taking this program will learn how psychological professionals work in medicine, in education, in welfare and in development support, through observation and experience. It provides the opportunities to contact with a diverse range of career models for psychological professionals.

Development and Support for Sick Children

Students taking this program will learn how children with illness and disabilities develop and how to support them, and conduct volunteer activities in the Pediatric Care Center of University Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine.

Fieldwork in Social and Business Psychology

Students taking this program will work with local enterprises such as famous confectionery manufacturers to experience surveys, data analysis and presentations. The students will conduct observation from both the consumer and the corporate sides in order to develop their capability for problem-solving.

Elective Qualification / Certificate Programs

  • Qualification for Licensed Psychologist
  • Certified Psychologist
  • Certified Psychologist (Psychological Research)
  • Qualification for Mental health Social Worker Examination
  • Social Researcher
  • Data Processing Specialist
  • Librarian Certificate
  • Qualification for Child Guidance Worker