Culture & Literature

Japanese Diaspora Literature
De Souza 研究室

This seminar explores Japanese diaspora literature. There are over 3 million people of Japanese descent living outside of Japan in countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are some wonderful writers including a Nobel Prize winning author (Kazuo Ishiguro) and other important writers who feature on university literature course reading lists. Why are they important? These authors are at the cutting-edge writing about important issues in the world today such as identity, stereotypes, race, the immigrant experience, and gender. By the time students graduate, they will have a much better understanding of Japanese identity outside of Japan; will improve their English reading and writing skills; and will develop an ability to discuss and analyse literature through close reading techniques. This seminar is suitable for students who love reading fiction in English, who would like to explore identity and what it means to be of Japanese descent, and who like to study about important issues happening today.


The 2nd year pre-seminar teaches literary theory whilst gently introducing Japanese diaspora literature through short stories from each of the English-speaking countries. Students learn how to appreciate literature through close reading, their own analysis, and class discussions. The 3rd year focuses on key Japanese diaspora novels whilst advice is given to students on how to plan and write their graduation thesis. In the 4th year, students select a literary work and write their graduation thesis.